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High Quality, Eco-friendly, Sandstone Veneer
WHAT IS IT? Literoc™ is an innovative natural stone veneer slab offered exclusively in Canada by Catuso. Literoc™ is a high-quality, eco-friendly natural sandstone veneer quarried in Germany. We’re proud to bring this great product to the Canadian market.
Composed of approximately 96% sandstone and 4% binding agent, Literoc™ is a natural product extracted without the use of toxic chemicals. This veneer is lightweight, hardwearing and will withstand our harsh Canadian winters.
WHERE CAN IT GO? Literoc™ is a versatile design solution that can be applied to most of your indoor, outdoor, residential, and commercial projects, including facades, door and window casing, columns, large feature walls, barreled ceilings, wine rooms, fireplace surrounds, floors, restorations, furniture tops, virtually anything.
WHAT CAN IT DO? We can install the veneer sheets to achieve a seamless full-block stone appearance with the ability to wrap 90 degree corners. Literoc™ can be applied in three dimensional shapes over most existing and new substrates.
The Literoc™ Advantage:
•    Eco-friendly product extracted using non-toxic chemicals
•    Versatile indoor and outdoor design solutions can accommodate a variety of styles
•    Lightweight – sheet slabs only 2-5 mm thick
•    UV ray and harsh-weather resistant to withstand Canadian winters

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